We Are IGNITING at Laser Clinics Australia!

IGNITE Worldwide may be just beginning - but we are starting with a huge depth of knowledge, a history of results, and an understanding of what the retail and services community truly needs.

News of our innovative and personalized systems for growth have been spreading - and our work with one of our amazing clients, Laser Clinics Australia, was recently featured in SPA+CLINIC Magazine!

The article explains the immediate rewards of our IGNITE program, spearheaded by our Custodian and Navigator, Terry Hawkins.

Australia’s largest chain of laser and skin treatment clinic franchises, Laser Clinics Australia (LCA), is investing in market-leading training and education initiatives to offer its largely millennial and female workforce critical skills. The training is already generating immediate sales results for franchise owners and having a powerful personal impact on clinic staff.
Laser Clinics has engaged globally renowned retail education expert, Terry Hawkins, to create a custom training program called Laser Luminaries that will embed a dedicated customer experience system for Franchisees, Clinic Managers and Therapists.

- Jessica Frost, SPA+CLINIC Magazine

Laser Clinics began learning with us virtually, and their program has now progressed to include immersive in person clinics and intensive training. Our Laser Luminaries program is designed to IGNITE the company at every level, and go deeper than standard "sales techniques" and problem solving. SPA+CLINIC interviewed Terry for their article.

"The complete focus is on the development of the whole human being (skills, behaviours, mindset, relationship strategies). Rather than being seen as a “resource”, the participant identifies as a valuable and influential person, who also contributes greatly to the lives of their customers and the success of their clinic."

- IGNITE Worldwide Custodian & Navigator Terry Hawkins, in SPA+CLINIC Magazine

Laser Luminaries is a prime example of the individualized and empathic approach we at IGNITE Worldwide take to retail education. When we work with a company, their team is our team, and their success is ours, as well.

And as we've promised - the results speak for themselves.

"The Laser Luminaries program has given staff the confidence to engage with customers in a more authentic and empathic way while still achieving their KPI’s. It has been encouraging to hear many of our staff describing the program as a “life-changing experience”. The pilot program has also generated immediate results for franchise owners, with sales increasing up to 42 per cent in some clinics."

- LCA General Manager, Shannon Luxford, in SPA+CLINIC Magazine

To read the full article, and learn more about how we IGNITE the companies we partner with, click here!

Ready to help IGNITE your retail or services team, raise retention, and be rewarded with consistently excellent results? Contact us in the form below, and we will start our journey together. We look forward to designing and delivering a full architectural blueprint for your education needs, and being there to help for every step of the way.

Are you ready to IGNITE?

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