Get Ready to IGNITE!

Updated: Mar 2

The time has finally come - the IGNITE Worldwide site officially launched at 2:22 pm EST on February 28, 2022!

For 32 years, our Custodian & Navigator, Terry Hawkins (Certified Speaking Professional & Education Architect), has been leading the industry in EMPATHIC based education systems. She has designed, created and implemented powerful values and empathy based education systems for organizations, often achieving significant reductions in staff turnover, and double digit increases in sales.

Now she's taken all she's learned and taught, and built a team of individuals to help her to IGNITE passion and success on an even larger scale.

Learning is our LOVE!

People are our PASSION!

And I am ridiculously grateful to be a part of this team!

I'm Kearstie, Terry's Editorial Assistant, and I will be working magic behind the scenes as our team designs and delivers educational systems that IGNITE empathy, humanity, and passion in your teams. I can't wait for our journey to be a part of yours!

Check back here for blogs and articles from our team - we will be sharing knowledge and tips regularly, which will build seamlessly into the educational systems we deliver.

Talk more soon,

Kearstie Simmons

Editorial Assistant


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