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Need a hit of inspiration, or maybe the answer to a tough question about retail, or even life? Come here for a Fast 5!® minutes of learning from our Custodian and Navigator, Terry, and other members of our amazing team. This is where we will be sharing from our extensive experience. 


We'll aim to give quick tips, and loads of knowledge that will blend seamlessly with the learning and growth that will occur as we build your company's education infrastructure and learning systems. 

And if you want a question answered, or would love for us to chat about a specific topic, please let us know. We want this to be your dose of IGNITE Inspo!

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Let's Talk About Creating Change...

What does it take to create long lasting, INSPIRING change? It has been Terry's life’s work to uncover the holy grail of training/behavioral change… which is to be able to intellectually, philosophically, and emotionally have a person shift their behavior, WILLINGLY. And after years of research and hands-on experience, she has uncovered The POWER of 3 x 4 (+7).


We build our foundations at the unconscious level, and we connect at the conscious level. So, if our behavior is driven by the unconscious, and we want outstanding results in any area of life, we MUST rewire our automatic unconscious responses. Power based change isn’t a “have to” mentality, but a “want to”. WORDS don’t create change. And knowledge doesn’t shift the needle at all. It’s only when we take that KNOWLEDGE and apply it through practice (BEHAVIOR), that we build EXPERIENCE.

Click the video below to hear from Terry on The POWER of 3 x 4 (+7)!

Let's Talk About Fear...

We cannot hold fear and build trust at the same time. It’s a dichotomy. Fear based leadership and sales has never created sustainable results. Many companies “demand and drive” a positive metric whilst expecting a meaningful connection with the customer, yet offer no resources to achieve that. We’re all intuitive, and customers sense that fear and move away, or they sense the trust and move closer. Positive results are the outcome of a person who leads with their values - who builds a trusting relationship first, because they care, and then guides the customer to their best options.

Click the video below to hear from Terry on leading with your values!

Let's Talk About being TOO Efficient!

Before you tell me NO, see if it can be a YES! Is your "efficiency" costing you big money? Try this - stop leading with no! Don't tell your customers and clients what they can't have... look for what they CAN have. Answering a question "quickly and efficiently" sounds like a time saver, right? But it is costly when it leaves your customer feeling undervalued. Try to help - it'll be worth the effort! 

Click the video below to hear from Terry on being truly helpful!

Let's Talk About the Pain of Growth!

Do you find yourself, your team, your company plateauing after growth? It is so easy to accept "good enough" because feedback can upset people. In order to grow, we need to learn to sit in discomfort - and to give space before reaction. It isn't easy ... and sometimes it can hurt like crazy! It's a learned skill to manage that "chemical reaction" and we will help you achieve consistent growth through compassionate  communication. 

Click the video below to hear from Terry on how to sit in your heartbeat!

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