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Serve Forward /\ Lean Back

SFLB Leadership Model 

IGNITE's entire education suite (samples below) is built upon the foundation of our SFLB Leadership Model . We believe that every crew member leads in some form, culminating with the ultimate customer experience - the center of our existence. When the entire crew faces inward, in true service to those in front, whilst being able to "lean back" with trust and support, all components of vision, strategy, process, systems and even product, transform. Empirical and anecdotal evidence gained over 3 decades, has proven to us that the more self-aware and accountable, the more consciously positive the impact on others. It is with this premise, that all of our Education Architecture is designed!

Screen Shot 2022-02-28 at 6.25.47 PM.png

IGNITE your Customer Crew

The final domino of everything we do within the 'circle' impacts our customer with full force - and that experience, regardless of how well designed and executed the brand message may be, will be our greatest litmus test. How that experience is delivered will depend on how well you equip your incredible crew with the IGNITE Customer Program

In these uncertain times we need to create consistency for our customers, and for our teams. Through the unique combination of systems, processes, and behavior modeling techniques that form our IGNITE Customer Program, your  customer crew will leave outmoded, robotic “sales talk” & attitudes behind, and venture into a new level of intuitive and process driven service that will deliver consistently outstanding results. The IGNITE Customer Program is the nucleus of creating exceptional experiences, by exceptional people, who achieve exceptional results. 

High View:
IGNITE Customer is a Sales and Service “experience” like no other. Using a synthesized approach of encompassing empathic connection, structured sales steps, customer connection strategies, and unique personal growth & accountability awareness, this proven system, with over 30 years heritage, will produce immediate, enduring results. 


To IGNITE a deep, personal commitment from the CFC to the customer experience (H2H), as well as their own, through multiple sets of structured systems and personalized processes, encouraging sustained growth



In person, online, virtual, coaching and in-store follow up

Suggested Crew:

It is strongly recommended that all crew, regardless of role/position, and/or responsibility within the organization, experience IGNITE Customer to create an inherent and collective respect for the customer's journey. When the *CEO and the *Frontline are partnered, all other layers align. 
*You'll find that we replace these outmoded terms with Custodian / Captain & Crew 

The JJ Team 1982.jpg

IGNITE your Manager Crew

Our Custodian and Navigator, Terry Hawkins, was 21 in the photo above. Terry commenced her 'Retail Store Manager' Career in an under-performing store with zero staff. Fast forward 3 months, and she had a team of 3, a high performing store, and in her own words, " idea of how to manage people, let alone herself and a store". Sadly, the 'sink or swim' mentality still exists, with many retail companies placing their valued "workers" in the hands of untrained, inexperienced "managers",

and are then confused as to why they are challenged with talent shortages. The trend continues with these very Managers leading inexperienced teams, lacking in critical skillsets such as sales, people management, admin, and even life skills to mention a few!


We still exist in the "tribal leadership" model of "watch and do", or succumb to managing & coaching via "preference". Without sound management processes and, more importantly, the ability to execute, there is little hope to realize the full potential of any store's results, and the crew within that store. 


High View:
IGNITE Manager is an experience which heightens personal awareness and provides sound systems, processes, and practices to lead a retail crew to it highest functioning ability. It serves to  create a robust succession incubator for future leaders, through the development of business intelligence and acumen.


The core competencies of effective management include, but are not limited to: Empathic Management Linguistics, Time Mastery, Coaching, EMF (Emotional Muscle Factor® ), Retail Financial Literacy, Sales/KPI Analysis, Human Temperaments, Tough Conversations, Self-management etc.


In person, online, virtual, coaching and follow up


Suggested Crew:

Due to the holistic management strategies and techniques covered, IGNITE Manager is applicable to any crew facing Manager. Store Managers, 2IC's, Future Leaders, Team Leaders, Cluster/Area Managers, Line Managers, Support Managers. 


IGNITE your Support Crew

As many companies know, the chasm between head office/support center and the store teams can often be fraught with miscommunication, and a lack of understanding and true service. Even internally, siloed thinking and operating can inhibit the flow and collaboration needed from such an important team of people. IGNITE Support empowers cohesive teams willing to create harmonious networks of unification for those they serve.

High View:
IGNITE Support focuses on the unique requirements of this  foundational team. Working ‘together’ whilst also independently, requires strong empathy based skills, and an awareness of where each function sits within the bigger picture. As the engine room, alignment and a SERVE Forward mentality must be implemented for the successful execution of major initiatives. The customer crew need to know they can LEAN Back in full trust that their needs will be met.

IGNITE Support is an engaging and eye opening experience which begins with the individual. Through a variety of profilers and exploratory exercises, we create a ME MAP®, uncovering the horizontal typology of how the crew member "presents" themselves to the world, both internally and externally. This profound awareness is then integrated into the structured processes required for harmonious and fluid interaction. 


IGNITE Support will include self regulation, self-awareness, communication skills + EMF (Emotional Muscle Factor®), project management, working with others, time mastery, presentation skills and navigating difficult conversations.

In person, online, virtual, and coaching

Suggested Crew:
All Support Center Crew, including Function Managers, and Call Center/Customer Care Crew


IGNITE your Exec Crew

The senior leadership team of any organization holds a precarious post: it is at the helm, helping to steer the ship with the "captain", whilst concurrently protecting the values and focus of the organization. Their need for specific support and tailored navigation systems are just as great, if not greater, than the remaining crew - thus a more therapeutic approach is needed.

They face the dichotomy of balancing their own career goals and ambitions, whilst simultaneously being supportive, encouraging, and aligned with whom they share the metaphoric leadership "table". As stewards of the ship, they must attain collective ego maturity to ensure the safe passage of all concerned. The results of the "inner circle" are directly impacted by the astute awareness, ability and insight of this "outer circle". 


High View:
IGNITE Executive is a senior leadership “experience” aimed at creating results with integrity through behavior. By identifying the individual, natural talents and traits, as well as the shadow influence of the Senior Leadership Team, the opportunity for maximum results through cohesiveness and clarity will flow downstream. 


Awareness and acceptance of their influence on the group, themselves, and the company; whilst fostering healthy and robust collaboration, where the overall collective needs take precedence over individual bias and personal pollution



In person, virtual, and coaching

Suggested Crew:

Tier One

C Suite, Finance, Marketing, International Markets, National Sales, Franchise Acquisition, Property, People & Culture - any crew member in a major “influencer” role at a senior level

Tier Two

Business Development Managers, Training Managers, 2nd Tier Finance, Marketing, HR, and anyone in a major “influencer” role at 2nd Tier Leadership Level

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