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Terry Hawkins: Custodian and Navigator: IGNITE-Worldwide. 

Terry Hawkins


First and foremost, we are all passionate retailers and service people. We live and breathe the concept of "SERVE Forward /\ LEAN Back"® in true service to others. We LOVE achieving measurable outcomes which are created as a result of deep compassion for the customer, focused and caring commitment to the entire crew, and honor for the company's integrity and voyage. We are committed to the happiness, wellness and prosperity of our clients, and our own IGNITE team. We strongly hold the belief that "united we stand, and divided we will fall". 

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Custodian & IGNITE Navigator

Terry Hawkins is often described as one of the most impactful influencers in the retail and services education space during the past 30 years. As a pioneer of empathy based education systems, she spearheaded integrity-centered sales & customer service systems, leadership and connection skills programs all within a KPI obsessed industry.

Simply put, Terry builds education systems that sit within the infrastructure of an organization or company. Most "training" initiatives fail to deliver long term because they fail to give real value to both the employee and the company. By synthesizing the intellectual, emotional and philosophical components through powerful systems, personal awareness and empathic layering, the participant will shift their behavior willingly. Sustainable results are the outcome.


As Terry's clients can attest, the results and reputation she has gained speak for themselves. Time has proven that Terry was and is ahead of the curve, bringing her creative genius to the table in an industry renowned for employing outmoded ideas. Terry has always lived by the ethos, "Just create, and then wait for the world to catch up."

Message from Terry:
Hellloooo and welcome to IGNITE! 32 years is a long time to be committed to 1 "relationship", and my passion and commitment has never been stronger. The world is ready for truly transformative education. Education that is not only results based, but more importantly, serves the amazing humans who create those results. I'm humbled and honored for this new journey with IGNITE-Worldwide, and I can't wait to navigate with you. Wooo Hoooo!

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Master Facilitator & Education Lead

With a broad and successful history as an entrepreneur, educator, and therapist, Jenn combines the essential elements of business to deliver impactful results. Across 2 countries (South Africa & Australia) she has built her own businesses; from travel agencies, to the full product design and delivery of children's bedroom experiences, to a cooking school, as well as her business skills facilitation company. She is a celebrated master facilitator, and a prolific speaker and author.


Supported by Terry, Jenn is the main lead for our education team, and ensures that we deliver what you need to attain traction, transformation, & results. With most retail Customer Facing Crew (CFC) falling within a younger demographic, Jenn's sideline business as a transformational coach and NLP practitioner allows her to bring great insight and direction for managing this generation of "impacters". 

Message from Jenn:

What an exciting time this is for us all. Having been a huge fan and recipient of Terry's work for many years, I am thrilled beyond measure to be a part of the incredible IGNITE team, and all that we have to offer.


I am a life-long learner myself, an aspiring master chef, wife, and mum of three successful adult children, and soon to be “glamma” of a baby girl. I know the globe is ready for creating sustainable results through genuine, empathic connection. Bring on IGNITE!

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Retail Facilitator & Retail Results Coach 

Casey is a retailer through and through - how could you not be, growing up with parents who owned a successful chain of retail fashion stores for over a decade. Casey gained her "sea legs" from a very young age, and has continued that love throughout  her career. Whether managing a single store or a nation wide business, whether in the training room or with the customer facing crew, her focus has always been on people. As Casey says, "Train them, coach them, support them, lift them and encourage them, and suddenly nothing is impossible for your business!"


Casey is also no stranger to the powerful impact of Terry's earlier teachings, having implemented many of Terry's' programs & systems through her roles within Billabong. She has also been trained by Terry as an incredibly capable and inspiring facilitator, and will act as a trainer of our signature programs. Casey understands the need for complete immersion and seamless implementation, and she is equally impactful in a room full of eager participants, as she is driving initiatives in-store.

Message from Casey:

Having experienced firsthand the powerful impact of Terry Hawkins' work with Billabong for many years, I am deeply driven to give others the freedom and success that comes from cohesive retail education; learning that not only develops the full scope of retail skills, but also personal skills. Learning is everything to me, and as a Mum of twin girls who have just started their school "learning journey" as first graders, I am so excited to continue my "learning" journey with IGNITE. With my Certifications in Training & Assessment, Retail Leadership and Cert 4 in Business under my belt, I am ready to IGNITE! Bring it on! 



Content Creator and Freelance Writer/Editor

Kearstie is one of those magical people who makes everything seem possible. With a background in writing and editing, website design, and content creation, she is a socisl media savvy creative genius! 


Kearstie is part of the IGNITE crew to provide creative content and editorial assistance. She takes an idea and makes it visual reality, so we can continue to deliver Terry's exciting new discoveries. Blogs, articles, program handouts, and more - you can bet it crossed Kearstie's desk! 


We are a crew of movers and shakers, and so it comes as no suprise that Kearstie went from full time to freelance, in the process of launching her own Creative Support company, Between Chapters Creative Co. But she'll always be part of the IGNITE family!


Message from Kearstie:

Hi there - Kearstie here, coming to you from our East Coast USA contingent! I'm a toddler mama, a writer and editor by trade, a planner at heart, a fantasy writer in my free time, and just tech savvy enough to be dangerous!

I am a firm believer in what we teach here at IGNITE, and have been so inspired by working with Terry. You cannot help but to chase your dreams when inspired by her and what we do here - hence my foray into freelance!


I am enormously excited to have been a part of the IGNITE crew from the very  beginning, and thrilled to continue playing a part in our crew for many years to come! 

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Sensory Neurology Therapist & IGNITE Advisor

Sanja Zeman is a Sensory Neurology Therapist. Her skillset and global experience will be integral in our ability to offer our clients such a unique offering. As the Founder of Empact, Sanja specializes in helping individuals and businesses 'Build Strength with Sense'. She is a firm believer that how we experience the world has far greater impact than what we experience. Exploring our sensory neurology can also have a significant empathic impact (em-pact) on our internal and external interactions.


Sanja provides a compelling and unique perspective, that challenges traditional thinking surrounding the physical, emotional, sensory, cognitive, and social components of function. This is the missing 'awareness component' of many leadership teams.

Sanja will be adding her expertise to the IGNITE team in an Advisory capacity, along with providing counsel and education to our clients' senior leaders. When she's not transforming people's sensory awareness, she is transforming houses with the same level of "wow" factor results!


Message from Sanja:

Terry and I have almost 2 decades of history, and it's exciting to be working with her, the IGNITE team, and their clients. I love our alignment; when we expand our awareness of the environment and situations that bring out our best, we can 'IGNITE' the energy and momentum to succeed. I am looking forward to the journey we are taking, and the difference we make in the lives of those we support. 



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CEO Leadership Coach & IGNITE Advisor

Sally Anderson is a CEO Leadership Coach and Visionary at the forefront of ‘Sustainable’ Human & Organizational Transformation. She has privately coached key influencers nationally and internationally for over 20 years: CEOs, C-Suite Executives, Politicians, Global Influencers, Visionaries, Celebrities, Millionaires, Billionaires. Those looking for 'sustainable' leading edge performance.

Sally’s unique personal perspectives, traumatic history, and eventual mastery as a transformational coach provides a rare combination of talents. This laid the foundation for a vocation to help others achieve a similar transcendence. As a result, Sally has a sound knowledge base for her philosophy and teachings, and their application in the personal and professional realm.


Her determination to regain her life from the most dehumanizing experience imaginable, and to dedicate her life to helping others, has shaped her personal development and destiny to become one of the most pre-eminent speakers and transformation coaches we have seen. We value the incredible wisdom and impact her work delivers are thrilled to have her "onboard".
Message From Sally:
I am so excited to be working with the IGNITE Team in a consultancy and advisory role! I feel the collaborative approach of IGNITE-Worldwide and Sally Anderson International is a powerful co-creative partnership for organizations that are looking for ‘sustainable transformation’, within their culture personally and professionally.  It takes a ‘forward thinking’ organization to integrate the teachings of IGNITE-Worldwide and navigate the terrain of uncertainty in the current global landscape.  The 6-12 Month Co-Creative/Equanimous Leadership Coaching Partnerships for CEO’s and C-Suite Executives I offer dramatically complement the IGNITE-Worldwide teachings from end-to-end. 




We are captivatingly curious, always seeking to know more. Our fascination for the What, When, Where, How, Why and Who of retail, and the desire to serve humanity, steers our focus.


We concern ourselves deeply with another's experience. We value feeling as equally as intellect, and use our discovered bias as a guide to greater awareness and accountability. 


We love having FUN! We also know that the shortest distance between two humans is laughter. Fun is our fuel, and when it gets tough, as it will, we remind each other that laughter truly is the best medicine.


We have the courage to speak our truth. We take risks, and we venture into unknown waters. We will create what is needed, not what is vainly desired, and if necessary, we will wait for the world to catch up.


Together we can go far, and no one person or concept is an island. When ego leaves the room, true power and creativity enters, so we cherish and protect that we are able to build and grow together.

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