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Where Retail Education Meets Human Ignition



This is IGNITE Worldwide, where we design & deliver education systems that IGNITE the human spirit, whilst creating sustainable, measurable results. We work primarily with H2H (human-2-human) businesses in the retail and services sector, and, together with you, we hope to build a healthy & collaborative world where we can all win.


We chose a nautical theme for our company to move away from the aggressive, blindly competitive world of business. Ours is one of exploration and adventure! The standard "war time" titles of command and control have been replaced with those that encourage an ethos of adventure, curiosity and support. Our specialty "maps" cover every aspect of the H2H component - from sales & service, communication, management, leadership to executive development; we provide a full architectural blueprint for your education needs, and assist you in executing your voyages for outstanding results.


​Our Compass leads the way... it is our integrity checker guiding us in how to create the greatest impact for both our clients, our team, and for the world around us. It steers us on our journey into deeper waters, where the real magic happens. 

The 4 Points of our Compass are:

  • Reach the most amount of people

  • Have the greatest positive impact

  • Waste the least amount of resources

  • Create maximum profit for all

We use this direction when developing the most impactful learning journeys that will enhance the lives of all those concerned. The customer is our core from which all initiatives stem.  

With this in mind, our aim is to partner with you, to assist you in building the most buoyant business possible through powerful learning and education systems that ignite trust, passion, innovation and growth. ​



We are explorers... with our insatiable curiosity and thirst for discovery, we are in constant search of new insights that lead a company and its people to their own genius and unique offering to the world. Results are our reward. 


Our discoveries drive our deep sense of passion and purpose to design and deliver to you transformative educational systems that authentically IGNITE a company's culture,  communication, and community.


We are not seduced into following the "norm" simply because it is safe, or is what has always been. We trust our intuition, and support it with sound empirical and experiential research, and past results.

Your company's success is truly our reward, and as we thrive together, we will continue to voyage into unchartered waters to bring you the most innovative retail and services education on the planet.


A rudder... is the underwater blade that is positioned at the stern (back) of a boat or ship, and controlled by its helm. When turned, it causes the vessel's head to turn in the same direction. This is a powerful metaphor for the essential alignment of the leadership and the values of an organization.

Just like the rudder of a ship, our values are usually unseen, yet have a profound impact on the decisions and behaviors we choose to engage whilst on our voyage.


At IGNITE Worldwide, our rudder consists

of the following 5 Core Values:






Click below for more about our Rudder! 


Welcome to IGNITE!


IGNITE Worldwide is a new company, but our heritage is long and successful. 32 years ago, Terry Hawkins (our Custodian and Navigator) had a dream to show "frontline" retailers that they were far more than just a “shop assistant”. To her, they were the game changers (and true influencers) who held the humble power of deeply connecting with other human beings through the catalyst of a retail experience. In 1989 she began her maiden voyage in Australia with 28 Customer Facing Crew, as People In Progress.


Fast forward 3 decades, and her healthy obsession with achieving results whilst igniting the human spirit, has driven her to develop and deliver programs and education systems that have become revered. Her unique ability to identify and synthesize the 3 essential components to learning success is an achievement very few are able to accomplish. When personal growth & awareness, "step" processes and systems, and emotional, cognitive and intuitive empathy are aligned, results soar. Companies are often astounded by the impact this empathy-based model has on sales, retention, culture, customer feedback, and the overall health of the organization. "Life changing" is consistently used by the over 100,000 alumni. The impact is so great, that decades later, the experiences and learnings are still remembered and utilized. 


Today, IGNITE Worldwide leads the way in the architecture and delivery of empathic based education systems, covering the full spectrum of sales, management, support, leadership and executive development. Welcome to IGNITE Worldwide!  



BUILD your Map

GROW in Groups

LEARN Online

conversation (1).png

COACH  your Crew 


Terry is one of a kind, and only those fortunate enough to have worked with Terry will understand her ability to provide a truly transformational experience, for the long term.

Terry’s life’s work has been to see our customers and employees as complete humans, and to educate us on how to truly connect with the whole person; it seems like the world has just caught up! As long as I have known her she has always been well ahead of the crowd.

In a post-COVID world where leading with empathy and connection will be critical to retain and engage our people and customers, there could not be a more relevant time for Terry’s work.

Head of HR - Asia Pacific


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